100 Wooden Business Cards September Sales


This September sale item includes 2-ply Natural Wood business cards (3.5" x 2") created with two unique stocks - one of three beautiful Natural Wood stocks for the front, and your choice of uncoated paper for the backing.

Natural Wood Options (front):

Paper Options (back):


  • 17pt White Uncoated Smooth
  • 18pt Brown Kraft


  • 20pt Bright White
  • 20pt Cream
  • 20pt Off-White


  • 18pt Dark Grey
  • 18pt Cool Grey
  • 18pt Classic Orange
  • 18pt Mint Green
  • 18pt Retro Turquoise
  • 18pt Cherry Blossom Pink
  • 18pt Sky Blue
  • 18pt Golden Yellow
  • 18pt Fuchsia
  • 18pt Lemon Yellow
  • 18pt Fiery Red
  • 18pt Royal Blue
  • 18pt Antique Green

Take advantage of the option to print on both sides in full colour included in this deal. 


Design Notes

There will be different considerations for designing on each side of these cards.

Wood stock will look best with a simple design that leaves a lot of blank space where the wood itself can show through. Bold and simple artwork will show up better, as some fine detail can be lost over the wood grain pattern that will occur naturally in the stock. Some lighter ink shades may not show up very well, especially over the darker Wood options.

Uncoated stock does hold ink differently than coated stock. Some ink will be absorbed into the paper creating a more organic effect, and large areas of solid ink coverage will look less solid than they appear in your design file. If you choose a coloured stock such as Brown Kraft paper, the colour of the stock itself will affect the way your printed colours appear, and lighter ink shades may not be very visible.

Don't have your own design software? You can use our free online card creator to build your design, including pre-designed templates or the option to start from scratch.


Order now 100 quantity for only $99!

Sale prices are in CAD plus applicable taxes and shipping. Sale ends September 30th 2016 or when quantities run out.

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