250 W1S Business Cards September Sale


This September sale item includes our unique W1S ("white one side") stock - this 2-ply option combines our 100% Recycled Brown Kraft stock with a White Recycled backing to create one card with two unique sides.

This sale item includes 250 of these premium 2-ply business cards (3.5" x 2") with full colour CMYK printing on both sides. Since each side has a different paper type, there are different design considerations for each side.

Designing For Brown Kraft

Please note that the colour of the stock will affect how colours in your design appear once printed – and we don't print white ink as part of regular CMYK printing. This means any white areas in your design will be considered transparent and will end up being the natural brown colour of the paper. 

Since the paper itself is a much darker shade than the normal white stock you may be used to printing on, lighter ink colours will not be as visible when printed on this paper. We recommend to use black or dense ink colours for the best contrast on this stock. Learn more about colours on Kraft.

Designing For White Uncoated

This is a very smooth uncoated stock, so it has very few design limitations. Typically printing large solid areas of dark ink colour (such as a full black background) is not recommended for uncoated paper.

Larger Safety Margin

Since 2-ply stocks are prone to more shifting during production, we recommend a larger safety margin for design elements that are not meant to bleed off the edge. Download theLarger Safety Margin Business Card Template PDF .


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Sale prices are in CAD plus applicable taxes and shipping. Sale ends September 30th 2016 or when quantities run out.

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