How many types of Brown Kraft stocks are available?


We offer 3 types of Brown Kraft stocks, all of which are 100% recycled:

  1. Brown Kraft Natural, the original of our Kraft Collection, offers the most range of thicknesses: 15pt, 18pt, 22pt, 32pt and 45pt. Choose Brown Kraft Natural if you want a brown coloured stock that isn't too light, nor too dark. Throughout the stock are random flecks from the recycled content, giving products an added touch of character. This stock is uncoated, and has a smooth yet slightly textured feel.

  2. Dark Brown Kraft is the darkest of the Brown Kraft collection and is available in 18pt thickness. It's deep colour andh ligt coloured visible fibers lend a nice vintage sensation to any product, making it the ideal choice for old style prints. Like the rest of our Brown Kraft collection, Dark Brown Kraft is uncoated with an organic feel. 

  3. Light Brown Kraft is the most recent addition to our Brown Kraft collection. Available in 14pt thickness, this stock is uncoated, very smooth and feels heavier than an average 14pt stock due to its rigidity. Of the entire Brown Kraft collection, Light Brown Kraft provides the most design flexibility - colours print the most vibrant on this stock and is the best for designs with fine line weights. Our Light Brown Kraft also has very fine but noticeable hairlines in black, blue and red.
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