About the Account Centre

Your Account Manager offers features to view and manage your print orders. A brief description of the sections of your account are:

Current Orders

This is where your current orders will be displayed. You can view the status of your order here, as well as change / upload files if the order is not already in production.

Completed Orders

Orders that have been completed will be shown here. You can view the order details or invoices for the orders.

Saved Designs

Designs from our Online Creator that you have saved will be available here. More information.

Custom Quotes

Any custom print quotes linked to your account will be displayed here.

Design Services

Any design service quotes linked to your account will be displayed here.


Communication sent via your Account Centre will be displayed here – or you can also send a new message.

Promo Codes

Promo codes that have been assigned to your account will be displayed in this section for usage. You can also view the expiry date for your promo codes.

Order Stats

Order Stats gives a brief overview of your order history – such as total number of orders, total spent and discount level.

Account Settings

Here you can change your account details and settings – including password and address.


Each of these sections has further help documentation available by viewing the forum for that option.

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