My order should be PST tax exempt, how do I process that?


We require the following information to apply a PST exemption to your order and/or account:

  • 9 digit business number
  • 8 digit PST number (or completed exemption certificate)
  • PST Exemption Reason (i.e. solely for resale, or to be incorporated into goods for resale)

You can send the following information (including an applicable current order number) to If PST was paid on a current order, we will refund the PST amount after validation. Please note, Orders over 180 days will not be qualified for a PST refund from Jukebox, and you will have to claim this directly from the Ministry of Finance with the government of British Columbia.

If you wish to have a PST exemption applied to your account (to apply automatically to all future orders) please make specific request of this when sending us your information. For PST exemption on only certain orders, you will need to contact us to request the exemption each time. 


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