Store accessibility

Below are some details for accessibility of our pick-up locations. For further assistance please call our Customer Service line.

If accessibility of our office does not meet your needs please give us a call and we will arrange an alternative for you.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Our Vancouver office is located on the ground floor and is wheelchair accessible. Please be aware of uneven pavement and sidewalks as this is an industrial area.

Toronto, Ontario

The Liberty Dufferin Centre is a wheelchair accessible building. There is a a ramp at the main entrance for Building C on Dufferin Street (across from Temple St). There is an elevator just inside the main entrance to access our office on the second floor.

New York City, New York

The New York office is accessible from the ground floor through the main entrance, with elevators available to bring you to our office at the 8th floor.


See: Opening Hours, Parking.

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