Selecting Proofing Type


“Proofing” is the final process of checking your artwork before it is sent to print. It is a very important step in the production of your order as it is the last stage to check that everything is correct before printing.

You can choose an “Online PDF Proof” or for your order to be “Run As Is”. We recommend an Online PDF Proof for all orders. This means you will be sent an email to download and check a PDF press-ready proof of your file and confirm your order details.

Proofing Type "Run As Is" is only for experienced designers who have prepared a press-ready PDF file and are 100% sure that their artwork files are ready to go directly into production. When this proofing type is selected, your order will be added into the queue for printing immediately. There are no double-checks, and no second chances. Errors that occur from incorrect file setup are the customers full responsibility and a reprint will not be covered.

If your files are not press-ready our prepress team may send you a File Error message. You will need to correct your files and re-upload them into your order. Please regularly check your email (including spam/junk folders) for any messages from our Prepress team until you see that your order has gone into prepress or production.

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