How do I supply files?

Files can only be uploaded after an order has been placed, and you can upload them to your order via our website or through your Jukebox account. 

1. Access your file upload link

You have three options to upload your file:

  • After payment of your order, you will be directed to a File Upload page 
  • By clicking on the File Upload link included in your order confirmation email 
  • By logging into your Jukebox account, selecting Current Orders, and then clicking on the green 'Uploaded Your Files Now' button

2. Upload files

  1. Click “Attach File(s)”
  2. Locate the file on your computer and select it (click “OK”)
  3. If you have more that one file to upload, you will need to upload these individually – select “Add more files” and attach those files.*
  4. When complete, click “Finish”

3. Confirmation

It is very important that “Finish” is clicked and you see the confirmation screen that your files have been received.

You can confirm your files were received by viewing the order status under the “Current Orders” tab (in your Account Center) – if the status is “File Uploaded” or “File Re-Uploaded” your files have been received and are in the queue to be reviewed.

Please contact our Customer Service team immediately if your order did not proceed to “File Uploaded” or “File Re-Uploaded” status.


*Please note that you can only upload a maximum of 10 files to an order. If you need to upload more files, please upload a ZIP file that contains all files (max 100 MB). See: I have more than 10 files to upload into my order.

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