Approving a PDF proof


The only method we accept approval of a proof is by clicking the “Approve Proof” button on your order status page – we do not accept approval by email, online message, phone or any other media.

You will want to read and follow the instructions on the following two articles before proceeding

Once you are ready to approve the proof, you will need to click the "Approve Proof" button on our system for your order. The email alerting you that your proof is ready will also lead you to the page with the "Approve Proof" button.

If you need to approve your proof, follow the following steps:

  1. Log in to your account on our website
  2. Click "Current Orders" and your orders will be displayed
  3. Click on the order you would like to approve
  4. You can then click "Approve Proof" and wait for confirmation that your approval was received
  5. Your order status should change to "Proof Accepted"
    If your order status does not update, please contact us immediately

Some things to remember:

  • Only orders placed with proofing type "Online PDF Proof" will receive and need to approve a proof
  • If you have several orders, please ensure you are approving the correct order and that you are approving all orders as needed
  • Your order will not go into production until the proof has been approved, this means that the production time will start after proof approval (usually next business day).
  • Customer is responsible for approving the proof in a timely manner
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