There is a problem with my proof

If there is an problem on your proof – check files you uploaded to your order.

If the issue is in the files you supplied

Such as:

  • spelling mistake
  • incorrect design
  • orientation wrong
  • incorrect file setup

The first step is to correct the files and prepare a new press-ready file to upload into your order.
When the revised file is ready, open up the Order Status again (by logging in to your account or clicking the link emailed with your proof) and click “Decline Proof”
You will then be prompted to supply new files for your order. Upload the corrected file/s and click “Finish”.

Your order will then enter the queue for proofing again – please ensure to check your email regularly to view your revised proof.

If the error was not in your supplied files

Such as:

  • additional, incorrect or missing items
  • items shifted
  • placement incorrect
  • incorrect dieline shown
  • hole drill in wrong position or not included in dieline proof
  • spot uv incorrect
  • fonts missing or incorrect
  • wrong files used for proofing

If your proof is incorrect and you do not need to supply new files, please contact our Customer Service Team to discuss the issue.


If you are unsure or have any questions – or just want to confirm something – please give us a call to talk with a Representative. It is essential that your proof is set up exactly as you require.

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