Printed Proofs


We offer free online PDF proofs for review. If you require a printed sample to review before moving ahead with the production of a full order, we can provide this service for most products as a printed proof. 

Printed proofs are printed digitally and are available for an additional cost. They cannot be ordered via our Place Order; so please submit a Custom Print Quote Request form if you are interested to order. However, please consider the following information before moving forward:

Colour Accuracy

Printed proofs are not colour accurate due to uncontrollable variations between each print run. They are only ideal for reviewing layout, object size, and text legibility. Therefore, expect a minimal colour shift between the printed proof and finished product as we cannot guarantee 100% colour matching.

It is the responsibility of the customer to contact us of an order corresponding to a printed proof, following the placement of a Digital Output order. Note that order details (such as stock) will need to match the printed proof and we

PDF Proofs

We offer free online PDF Proofs for your convenience. Online PDF proofs allow you to do a final check on layout and content before we print.

To confirm sizes and layout, you can print the PDF on a home/office printer. Ensure not to scale the PDF and to print at 100% so it is true to size.

Printed Proof Setup

Printed proofs will not be printed double-sided, trimmed to size (the crop marks or dieline will be visible), or colour accurate. Several coatings are available for an additional cost.

Additional Cost

Standard printed proofs range between $15 to $25 CAD depending on the product (plus shipping and taxes as applicable). Printed proofs for speciality orders will have higher costs due to setup fees and materials. Printed proofs are not available for all order types.

Premium Offset Orders

All printed proofs are printed via Digital Output.

If you order a Premium Offset product, the printed proof may not serve as a close representation to the finished product as the two printing processes differ. A printed proof (or single print) is not available through our Premium Offset services and we do not offer press-checks.


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