My proof has white lines through it

Ensure you are downloading the proof to your computer and open in Acrobat Reader. See: How to view a proof.

During the proofing process, your artwork might be flattened to avoid any press issues. Sometimes the way the artwork is flattened, the PDF file is sliced in to smaller pieces – this isn't a bad thing, but sometimes when viewing the PDF the gaps between these slices show (even though there is no white space between the slices).

These are usually caused by:

  • Transparencies
  • Large images
  • Pantone colours

The way to check if these are preview errors or an actual print problem – zoom in to the closest possible, if the lines disappear, then they are just preview errors and will not print, you may proceed to: What to check on my proof.

If the fine lines are still visible, then they may print, so do not approve your proof. See: There is a problem with my proof.

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