How long do I have to approve my proof?

There is no expiry or specific time as to when you should approve your proof. However, we highly recommend reviewing your proof on the same you receive it so we can get started with production immediately. As all of our production times begin after the approval of a proof, delaying this process will affect the estimated completion date and your deadline, if you have one.

When reviewing your proof, ensure you take time to check all details carefully. It is also suggested viewing it on a computer and downloading it. This will allow you to review it at its best, as well as have a copy for future orders.

Same Day Service

In order for Same Day Service orders to be produced on the same day you placed it, your proof must be approved by 9:30 AM PST to meet the same day production schedule. As such, we highly recommend to have files uploaded by 9:00 AM PST at the latest to allow ample time to receive and approve your proof.

Sale Items

For sale items, you are required to approve the proof within 7 days following the end of the sale; otherwise you will be required to pay the full price before your order is produced.

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