How long do I have to approve my proof?

We recommend reviewing your proof the same day you receive it. Ensure you take time to check all details carefully, but in a timely manner.

Keep in mind that any delay in approving a proof will delay the production time of your order. If you require more than 2 business days to approve your proof, please inform our Customer Service team.

For Same Day Service, your proof must be approved by 9:30am (PST) to be completed the same business day. As such, we highly recommend to have files uploaded by 9:00am (PST) to allow for enough time to receive and approve your proof.

For sale items, you are required to approve the proof within 7 days following the end of the sale (or you will be required to pay the full price before your order is produced).

For Print Quotes, you should approve the proof before the expiry date noted in your original quote or by any specific deadline that has been given to you by the Estimator.

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