Will you adjust my design or colours?

In most cases, Jukebox Print will not make modifications to files – it is the customer’s responsibility to provide correctly set-up press-ready files for their print order.

Some small issues may be corrected by our Prepress team when possible to make your design press ready. If the Prepress department does make adjustments to your files, a notice will be provided with your online PDF proof.

Files submitted to us with Pantone or RGB colour will be converted by our Prepress team to CMYK for free. This is a standard-value conversion only and does not allow for further tweaking of colours. As the conversion results may not be completely to your liking, it is recommended to create your design in CMYK to have more control over the colour.

See: What Screen Colour Profile Should I Use?

Other adjustments to files, colours and your design are not included in the pricing for printing. If you would like our Design team to adjust your files, there may be an additional cost for this service. This must be done before your order goes into the Prepress stage. Please place a Design Quote request for this service.

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