I need files retrieved from a previous order

If you require us to retrieve a design file from a previous order, please contact our Customer Service Team with the corresponding order number to inquire if this is possible. There is a validation process for file retrieval requests - only the account holder who placed the original order can request the files, and they can only be released to the same email address used on the account.

Please note, we only store the PDF proof files from the order, and will not be able to supply any original files that were uploaded by the customer. We cannot guarantee files will be retrievable from all previous orders - when online PDF proofs are sent we do recommend to download and save this to your computer in case you need it for future use.

If you have a current order placed in our system that you require the retrieved files for, we will try to retrieve these for you at no cost.

If you do not have a current order in our system, there will be a $35 fee for the file retrieval, and a request for this will need to be submitted to our design team through a design service request. You can submit your request by logging into your account and clicking the Design Services tab from the list on the left.

Only after this fee is paid will the files be released to the email address used on the account.

See: Privacy and Confidentiality

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