Coated Paper

From ‘most glossy’ to ‘least glossy’ our coated paper options are listed below:

Super Gloss Laminate Coating

Experience shine like never before with our extreme Gloss Laminate cards. You will marvel at the brilliant lustre of this exciting new coating. It is so glossy you can even see your own reflection. Gloss Laminate also acts as a protective coating increasing durability and water resistance. Gloss laminate coating is now available on all digital products.

Super Gloss (Hi Gloss) and Super Gloss UV

Very shiny like a magazine, or a glossy photograph. Makes colours appear more vibrant and more durable – as well as more resistant to water than other coatings (not waterproof - but if there are a few drops of water they can be wiped off quickly with little to no damage). Super Gloss coating is great for direct mail out campaigns (as long as ink does not need to be applied over the coating – such as stamps or writing, as the coating is not suitable for this.

This coating is popular with photographers (due to the colour vibrancy).

A few things to keep in mind about Super Gloss:

  • No suitable for ink stamping.
  • Not easy to write on with a ballpoint pen. A permanent felt marker (such as a Sharpie) can be used but we recommend testing one of our samples first before ordering.
  • Ideal for bright colours and sharp photographs
  • Dark colours with a Super Gloss coating will show fingerprints

Aqueous (Semi Gloss)

Aqueous (sometimes referred to as Semi Gloss) has a silky sheen to it but not the shine of Super Gloss; and a smooth texture. It is a mid-point between the Super Gloss and Matte coating. This is a very common business card and is used in many different conservative industries.

Aqueous can be written on with ballpoint pens, but can smudge (liquid or gel ink pens are not suitable).

Spot UV Gloss can be added to areas of a Semi Gloss card - these spots will not be easy to write on with pen.

Smooth Matte Laminate (available with Spot UV)

Smooth Matte Laminate is one of our premium coatings with a seductive creamy feel. It is classy, elegant and luxurious – add Spot UV for an extra subtle touch of luxury or eye-popping wow factor.

The Spot UV is an extra layer of clear Gloss coating applied over certain areas (“spots”) on your card. Some here, some there – a lot or a little – it is all up to you and your designer. See some examples of different ways Spot UV has been used on our Spot UV business card page.

  • Creamy
  • Seductive
  • Luxurious
  • Classy and Elegant

Matte Coating (previously called Silk AQ) and Matte UV

  • Subtle and understated finish.
  • Soft glow or lustre
  • There is very little amounts of shine on the card
  • This card is easier to write on
  • Smooth to the touch.
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