Paper coatings overview

We offer a range of coatings on our products. The best way to understand our coating options is to see and touch them for yourself – you can do this by requesting a sample pack.

There are two main categories of paper finishes:

  • Coated (including Super Gloss, Semi Gloss, Matte and Smooth Matte Laminate)
  • Uncoated (including Ultra Thick, Brown Kraft, envelopes and letterhead)

Selecting the paper coating is one of the most important steps in making your finished print product have the feeling and give the right impression.

Coated paper has a layer of treatment to smooth the paper and improve the printing qualities as well as the durability of the paper. Uncoated paper has a rougher texture, with its own character and benefits. We also offer a selection of additional UV coatings on certain coated paper products – Super Gloss UV and Matte UV coating.

Colours will shift varying amounts between paper stocks and coatings – especially between output on coated paper and uncoated paper. Uncoated paper is used on all our envelopes and printed envelopes and letterheads.

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