Which stocks are home and office printer safe?

The 70lb smooth bright white stock used for Premium Offset Letterheads and Envelopes is laser guaranteed. This means that after we have printed these products, it is safe for them to be printed over on your home or office laser printer. Envelopes should only be used in printers suitable for this purpose (they can cause paper jams) – always confirm with your printer manual.

Digital Output Letterhead stocks are also available, including more unique options like textured Cream Pulp and Brown Kraft. You can print on these stocks with your at-home or office printer, but keep in mind that when printing over coloured paper, lighter ink colours may not be visible.

Other paper stocks offered by Jukebox Print are not guaranteed for home or office printers, and we do not recommend using them for this purpose.

Home and Office Printer Friendly stocks:


70LB Smooth Bright White Uncoated

70LB Linen



80LB Economy White

80LB Smooth White

80LB Textured White

80LB 100% Recycled Off White

100LB Cream Pulp

8PT 100% Recycled Brown Kraft Natural

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