What does pt (point) mean?

Points (or pt for short) is a unit of measure. Points are common units of measure for:

  • Thickness of a stock
  • Line-weight
  • Font size

Please note: each of these units of measurement is different (eg. 8pt line thickness, 8pt paper and 8pt font are not similar or comparable).

Thickness of a stock

We use points to measure the thickness of a card.

During the order process PT refers to the thickness of a stock. Our most popular cards start at at thick 14pt. Most common cards produced by other printers are 12-16pt. We can produce cards of up to 40pt and even thicker!

Below is a comparison of 20pt and 40pt (based on 100 cards)

Another measure of stock is pounds (or LB) and grams per square inch (GSM).


Points is the standard unit of measurement for line-weight. We use points to specify the finest detail possible for an output (for example, Offset print finest detail is 0.25pt line-weight). 

Font size

You are probably familiar with points for font size. When you select 8, 9, 12 etc in Microsoft Word (and other programs) generally this is in point size.

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