Setting up press-ready files for Greeting Card

There are a few several considerations to include when preparing files for printing a Greeting Card. The same set-up can be used for tent-cards (business card size) and other half-fold products.

We offer several layout templates for Greeting Cards and Tent Cards to help you set up your files. Please download the appropriate layout template for the product you are ordering – if it is not available, you can also request a layout template.

Below are some points additional to our File Setup and Preparation guidelines specifically for Greeting Cards, Tent Cards and other hald-fold cards.

Flat Size vs. Folded Size

Ensure you prepare your press files using the flat size with two pages (one for the inside and one for the outsize)

two pages of a PDF (one for inside and one for the outside) at the "flat size". This will appear

The "flat size" is the size of the card when unfolded and flattened. The folded size is when the card is folded in half (as if to fit in an envelope) – one of the dimensions (either the width or height) will be half when compared with the flat size.

Score Line

We recommend a safety margin of 0.125 inches from the score line (this is where the card gets folded). Any important text or graphics should be kept away from this area.

For Digital Output products dark colours should not be used across the score line as the ink may crack along the fold line.


When preparing your file for print, please note the orientation of the panels so that when folded the card is correct.




If you are going to be writing on your greeting card, please see: Which coatings be written on?


Once the files are prepared, export a press-ready PDF file as per our print specifications.

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