Do you offer waterproof stickers?

Our "Permanent Poly Synthetic Stickers" are waterproof – as well as freeze and heat resistant. They are created for outdoor use and exposure to weather.

We also offer Re-postionable Poly Synthetic Stickers, which are fully waterproof and can be removed then re-applied to most surfaces. 

Chemicals and soaps can affect the adhesiveness of the glue on any sticker. 

Inks can still fade or come off the Waterproof Poly Synthetic Stickers under rough conditions, as they are not meant to withstand use in a dishwasher / washing machine. Sun exposure will also fade colours. The life expectancy for ink colours is 6 months to one year depending on the level of exposure. 

Our Wooden stickers are water resistant, but not waterproof.

The Digital Output "Transparent Stickers" are also water resistant – they can still work well on a window with some minor exposure to rain.

We recommend extensive testing of the sticker material before placing your order to ensure it is suitable for your needs. Samples are available via our Speciality Sample Pack. Please allow 24 hours after placing your sticker before testing it so the sticker has time to bond to the surface. 

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