Setting up press-ready files for a Booklet


 As well as our general specifications, there are a few additional notes for preparing a booklet file for print:

  • We recommend a safety margin of at least 0.5 inches away from the spine (or gutter) on all pages
  • Exported as single pages (not spreads or imposed) – our Prepress team will perform the imposition

Saddle-stitched or coil-bound

Supplied as one PDF file with multiple pages. Pages should be in the following order:

  • Page 1 Front cover
  • Page 2 Inside front cover
  • Page 3 First "internal" page (right-hand-side)
  • ... internal pages
  • 3rd last page Last "internal" page (left-hand-side)
  • 2nd last page Inside back cover
  • Last page Back cover

Perfect bound

Provide two PDF files:

  • Cover Two pages of the flat cover (inside and outside, including spine)
  • Internal pages multiple page PDF

See: Perfect bound booklets: spine width.

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