Brochure Folding Options

Our standard brochure folding options are detailed below:


Half Fold
2 panels, 1 fold

Folded in half (like a Greeting Card). This option allows for a large front panel.

Trifold (Roll Fold)
3 panels, 2 folds

This is the most common brochure folding option. Think of this fold as if you are rolling up a rug of carpet – this is how the panels are folded up. 8.5" x 11" Brochures folded in this way fit into most standard rack card holders and #10 Envelopes.

Z-Fold (Accordion Fold)
3 panels, 2 folds

This folding option zig-zag folds – when you look at the top of the brochure the edge looks like a "Z" shape.
 Brochure_Gate.png Gate Fold (Single)

3 panels, 2 folds

The middle panel is double the size of the two end panels. The smaller end panels fold over the front, opening and closing like a gate.

Gate Fold (Double)
4 panels, 3 folds

This option folds like the Single Gate Fold, but with an additional fold down the middle of the brochure. Additional costs apply for this folding option. 

Map Fold

Available via Print Quote. There are many options for this folding method, including the number of panels and order of folding. Additional costs apply for this folding option.

We can also complete your custom folding requirements. Submit a Print Quote request for pricing.


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