How to use a Rubber Stamp

The key to using your Rubber Stamp is practice! We recommend testing and practising using your Rubber Stamp as much as you can.

Keep in mind that not every impression will be perfect – so make sure you have some margin for error and additional material or products to apply the stamp to. It also might take several impressions before the ink transfer becomes optimal, we recommend 10-30 test impressions before you start using the stamp.

Some additional tips for using Rubber Stamps:

  1. Place the material you will be stamping (eg. paper or card) on a flat stable surface such as a table.
  2. Ink the stamp between each impression, pushing the stamp hard onto the ink pad.
  3. In a single motion push the stamp onto the material and press firmly; then remove the stamp.
  4. Allow the ink to dry for at least 30 seconds before touching or moving the stamped area.
  5. Keep the ink pad covered when not in use, and refill with ink when necessary.
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