What are Rubber Stamps suitable for?

Rubber Stamps can be used on most porous surfaces (materials that will absorb and hold the ink).

Rubber stamps work best on uncoated card and paper with a smooth surface. Rough textured papers (such as hand-made paper) might not be suitable for stamping – we recommend testing this or inquiring with our Customer Service team before ordering.

The list of suitable products includes:

  • Paper bags
  • Wedding invitations

Additional notes for using stamps with certain products and coatings:

  • Matte coated cards – suitable for stamping, but several minutes drying time will be required
  • Wood cards – suitable for stamping, but due to the texture and grain of the stock, there may be more inconsistencies in the impression as well as increased drying time
  • Cotton, Bamboo cards – due to the rougher and more porous stock, the ink may "bleed" or spread out more on these stocks
  • Brown Kraft stickers – there is additional ink bleed on this stock and additional drying time required
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