What size envelope should I order for my flyer / invitation?

We have several different sized envelopes available.

Our #10 Envelopes will hold 8.5" x 11" Trifold brochures and 4" x 9" Rack Cards, and can be ordered with Offset output printing.

As a general rule, the envelope should be at least 0.25” larger (in width and height) than the items you want to put inside. Thicker content may require a larger envelope.

We offer the option to add blank envelopes to fit the size of your Wedding Invites when ordering on our website. If you are ordering Flyers, you can call our Customer Service line to add envelopes to your order.

If you are looking for blank envelopes in a matching stock to your Invites or Flyers, please submit a Print Quote request and our Estimations team can give you options and pricing.

If you would like printed envelopes to fit a Flyer or Invitation order, this can also be ordered through a Print Quote request.

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