Using grey in your design

Grey can be a problematic colour to work with in printing.

When to use grey

Designs with large areas of grey cause "banding", which is an inconsistent print of the color with subtle lines running across.

Although Jukebox uses the latest technology, banding is unavoidable and is likely to occur on certain stocks and coatings. For this reason, we do not recommend large areas of grey (such as background colours or large solid areas).

You may want to consider using our Vibrant Grey stock instead of printing your grey background. 

How to apply grey

It is important to set the right CMYK values when using grey.

Do not use grey composed of cyan, magenta or yellow values - this can cause the grey colour to shift from a cool or warm grey.


  • Use black ink only
  • Adjusting K value only (higher percentage for darker, lower percentage for lighter)
  • C, M, or Y all set to zero

Not Recommended

  • We do not recommend using grey colours with C, M or Y values



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