Exporting a PDF file from an Application that is not supported (such as Microsoft Word)

If you are using design software or an application such as Microsoft Word, Publisher, PowerPoint or Quark, unfortunately we are not able to provide support, however we do have a few suggestions when using these applications. To print from these applications, we will require a PDF file.

To create a PDF file, each application is different, but we can suggest:

  • Select File > Save As; and choose “PDF” file format
  • Select File > Print; and then “Print As PDF”

Many of the PDF files exported from these applications will not be press-ready. These PDF files may need adjustment by our prepress or design team.

If the exported PDF meets our print specifications – it is ready for uploading to your order. If your file requires adjustment by our Design Team, you can request a Design Service quote.

We highly recommend placing your order with the proofing type “Online PDF Proof” so that you can review the PDF proof before it goes to print.

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