QR Codes


A QR ("Quick Response") code is a barcode-like square graphic that can be scanned by smartphones (and other devices) to quickly direct customers to your website or contact information.

With the popularity of smartphones, QR codes are a growing trend; making a seamless link between printed material and the digital world.

There is a wide range of QR codes available – our Online Creator has a basic QR code generator for website addresses. More complex QR codes can store contact details, images and other information.

Customer is responsible for checking QR code/s for errors and usability. We recommend you print out your design at 100% and test the QR code's usability. As a general rule, a QR code should be at least 0.75 x 0.75 inches (more complicated codes will should be larger).

We are not able to test or ensure that your QR code is working, each device has different requirements for reading QR codes. However, our Production Department will check that the QR code is crisp and high quality for optimal output.

Some card stocks or finished may not be suitable for QR codes. 

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