Supplying files for Dynamic Printing

Dynamic Printing means you can print different designs or photographs on each print. Dynamic Printing is available on all Digital Output products – additional costs apply.

If you are preparing files for a speciality type of dynamic printing, see: Sequential and Serial Numbering, Barcode Printing.

For Dynamic printing – the best way to supply files, is in one PDF file with multiple pages.

Double-sided Dynamic Printing

One PDF file for the front and one for the back. The dynamic printed side should be a multi page PDF with each different variation on a new page.

Single-sided Dynamic Printing

Supply a multi-page PDF with each variation on a new page.

The quantity of your order will be divided equally between the number of variations you supply – for example if you are ordering 250 posters and supply 5 variations, 50 copies of each variation will be printed.

Offset products cannot be printed dynamically.



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