What is bleed?

Bleed is the artwork that extends past the trim line or finished size of your product. If any element of your artwork is designed to be printed to the edge, it must be extended past the trim line and into the bleed area by a minimum of 0.125".  

The addition of bleed compensates for uncontrollable shifts that occur during the printing and trimming process; and ensures that any content touching the edges does not leave unwanted gaps or borders.



  • Artwork does not extend past the crop marks (trim size)
  • Bleed is not a seamless extension of the design


  • Artwork extends past the crop marks and covers the bleed area on all sides
  • Bleed is a seamless extension of the artwork


Standard Card Specifications

Finished size 3.5 x 2    
Bleed area 3.75 x 2.25 +0.25 from the finished size 
Safety zone 3.25 x 1.75 -0.25 from the finished size

NB. Certain products may have larger safety margins (such as Wood and Pulp stocks).

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