File Setup for a Shaped Product

If you are interested in having a custom shaped product created, you will need to create a dieline of your desired shape. You will need to include this file with your submission of a Custom Print Quote form.

Dieline files are required for a variety of custom products including boxes, presentation folders or any product with a unique shape (or that is not a rectangle / square). Follow the steps below for creating a dieline.

Step 1: Define the shape

We require a vector outline of your custom shape.

Using a Pre-Made Shape

If you are using a pre-made shape, such as one of the shapes offered by Jukebox - this step is already done for you. Simply download the Layout Template of the shape that you are using. This will contain the outline of the shape, as well as guides for the bleed area and safety margin.

Using Custom Shape

Using Adobe InDesign or Illustrator (recommended), create a vector outline of the shape. The outline should be one continuous closed path and the line-weight as 1pt in magenta color.

Step 2: Set-up your design

Place or layout your design with the shape created in Step 1.

Ensure your design complies with the bleed and safety margin requirements. See: Bleed and safety margin, and also Designs with a border.

Step 3: Export files

We require two files for a custom shape job. One file will contain the dieline and the other will not.

Dieline file (guide)



Press File



Including "DIELINE" in the dieline file will help us process your order quicker.

Step 4: Upload

Ensure you upload all the files to your print order. See: How do I supply files?.

Finished Product

The below image is a preview of the finished card.


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