Setting up a custom shape


Step 1: Define the shape

We require a vector outline of the shape for your order.

Using Pre-Made Shape

If you are using a pre-made shape, this step is already done for you. Simply download the Layout Template for the shape that you are using – this will contain the outline for the shape (as well as guides for bleed area and safety margin).

Using Custom Shape

Using Adobe InDesign or Illustrator (recommended), create a vector outline of the shape. The outline should be one continuous closed path, set the stroke to 1pt line-weight in magenta colour.

Step 2: Set-up your design

Place or layout your design with the shape created in Step 1.

Ensure your design complies with the bleed and safety margin requirements. See: Bleed and safety margin, and also Designs with a border.

Step 3: Export files

We require two files for a custom shape job. One file will show the shape of the card and the other will not contain the custom shape.

Die-line file (guide)



Press File



Including "DIELINE" in the die-line file will help us process your order quicker.


Step 4: Upload

Ensure you upload all the files into your order for printing. See: How do I supply files?.


Finished Product

The below image is a preview of the finished card.


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