Exporting a press-ready file from Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a great application for manipulating photos and creating special effects, but it is not the best for creating press ready files – however the following article will guide you through this process.

Please read over Using Layout Templates in Photoshop to help set up your files.

When you are ready to prepare your press-ready file, use the following basic steps:

  1. Turn off all template layers (anything you see in the design may print).
  2. Select File > Save As
  3. Name your file
    Appropriate and detailed naming of files will help our Prepress Department process your order quicker, including “Front” or “Back” (and “Set1”, “Set2”... for multi-sets)
  4. Select Format “TIFF”
    Check “As a Copy”
    Uncheck “Layers”
  5. Click Save to confirm the save.
  6. Repeat this process for each file (as required).

The TIFF file/s you created should now be ready for uploading to your order. Although PDF files are our preferred format, TIFF files are more suitable for Photoshop documents and can be uploaded to your order.

Your TIFF file/s should show the bleed area – but will not have Crop Marks. Crop Marks will be added to your file before printing. Triple check this file that the design is correct.

This file is now ready to be uploaded into your order for printing.

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