Exporting a Print-Ready PDF File from Illustrator or InDesign

Once you have completed and finalised the design process, you are ready to generate a PDF file for printing. To ensure this file is press-ready, below is a guide for creating the file.

Remember to double check all spelling and details, then check again and get a friend to check again. Once your design has gone to production any mistakes cannot be changed – there are no second chances, so make sure it is right.

Before you begin:

  • Clean up any unnecessary items from the file. Delete objects that are outside the artboard, delete any template you have used, delete unnecessary layers, swatches and other items.
  • Ensure the file is prepared to be press-ready – CMYK colour mode, high resolution, includes bleed and important information is within the safety margin.
  1. Illustrator Select File > Save A Copy
    InDesign Select File > Export
  2. Set the Format to “Adobe PDF”, name the file and select “Save”.
    Appropriate and detailed naming of files will help our Prepress Department process your order quicker, including “Front” or “Back” (and “Set1”, “Set2”... for multi-sets).
  3. You will be prompted with a dialogue box of settings. Choose “[Press Quality]” preset. Under “Marks and Bleeds” specify the following settings:
  4. Click Export.

This file is now ready to be uploaded into your order for printing.

Ensure your PDF is exported to include the bleed area you defined earlier in the file setup.

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