Is embossing or foiling available on 24PT Mega Thick?


Yes, many of our 24pt cards are perfectly suited to specialty add-ons like embossing and foiling.  

We do not recommend embossing on the 24pt C2S with Silk Matte Laminate coating. Since this stock is extremely thick, an added Silk Matte Laminate coating will make these cards very strong - this means an embossed design will not produce as effectively as it will with the other 24pt stock options. Pricing for suitable options of 24pt stock with embossing is available on our website under the “Embossed Cards” product page.

Foil stamping is not available on any stock that has a Super Gloss coating. You can add a foil design to any of our other 24pt stock options - Please request a Print Quote for pricing and ordering.

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