Design considerations for Super Gloss coating

If you order Super Gloss there will be shiny clear gloss coating over the entire product. Colours will not be affected as the stock base is white – the coating will allow vivid colours to stand out.

Super Gloss coating is a professional glossy coating that is suitable for most designs, however there are a few considerations when designing for this stock.

Writing and stamping

This coating cannot be easily written on or stamped with Rubber Stamp ink. Due to the coating it will not absorb ink – so it can smudge or be rubbed off easily. If your design has any areas for writing or stamping (such as appointment or loyalty cards) we recommend choosing another coating. See: Which coatings be written on?

A permanent felt tip marker (such as a Sharpie) may be suitable for writing on Super Gloss – however we recommend testing this before placing your order with this coating

Highly reflective

As the Super Gloss is very shiny, it is highly reflective of light. In bright light and direct sunlight this might make text hard to read on this coating. For this reason it might not be suitable for outdoor uses. It can also effect how QR codes are scanned in bright light.


Areas printed with areas of dark colour on Super Gloss coating will show fingerprints very easily. If your design has areas of dark colour, we recommend another less-glossy coating, such as Matte, to avoid this issue.

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