Printing Photographs on Pearl stock

You can print full bleed on this stock, and some photographic images can look fantastic printed on Pearl. That being said, it depends on the image in question. Some fine or light details may not print as sharp or visible on this stock due to the iridescent quality of the paper. We also don’t recommend printing large areas of solid colours (especially darker shades) as this can mask the glimmer of the paper.

Some photos will be suitable to print on this stock, but you should check our design considerations for Pearl stock to see if the image you are looking to print could have issues on this stock. You can also choose “online PDF proof” for your order to have our Prepress department review your files for any potential issues prior to printing.

Please also keep in mind that some of the richer coloured Pearl stocks (like Gold) will strongly effect the colour of your design when printed over this coloured paper; some lighter coloured photographs may not work well on all the available Pearl paper shades. As a general rule, your design colours should be darker than the colour of the stock you are printing on.

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