Design Considerations for Pearl Stock

Pearl stocks are very versatile when it comes to design. We do recommend that you leave large amounts of whitespace, as areas of solid ink coverage will dim the sparkle effect of the paper.

Please note, while lighter Pearl shades like Pearl Oyster and Pearl Silver will be suitable for printing many light colours, if you choose a coloured Pearl option you will see more of a colour shift, and some ink colours may not be visible. An example of this would be to print a light pink shade over the Pearl Pink stock - this would likely not be visible due to lack of contrast between the ink colour and the paper. You might be able to print the same light pink colour on the Recycled Pearl Silver and see no contrast issues.

If you are concerned with the colours you are using on a Pearl stock, make sure you leave “Online PDF Proof” selected when placing your order, so a member of our Prepress department can review the file for potential issues.

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