What is the difference between Premium Offset and Digital Output printing?

Offset printing is our most commonly ordered and highest quality printing process.

Our offset printing offers an amazing 420+ linescreen output (Stochastic Output) – this output is the sharpest quality around giving your pictures the best quality (most offset printers output 150-175 linescreen). Offset is the most cost effective (per unit) printing process for large quantities. Offset printing estimated turnaround is 6-12 business days depending on the product and finish.

Digital printing is most suitable for small quantities (ie. 100 business cards) and when a fast turnaround is required (1-4 days for printing). The quality of digital printing is not as superior or sharp as offset printing.

We also have specialty digital large format machines exclusively for our Premium EPSON Posters. The prints from these printers are exquisite and very colour rich and sharp – the machine uses 11 inks (instead of just the usual 4 of CMYK) for exceptional colour accuracy and vibrancy.

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