What is the thickest card you print on?

We have several options if you are looking for the thickest card available – for business cards, hang tags, flyers and any other product.

Premium Offset

  • Mega Thick 24PT

Digital Output

  • 16PT C2S White (coated)
  • 17PT 100% Recycled White Uncoated
  • 20PT Cotton (uncoated)
  • 22PT 100% Recycled Brown Kraft (uncoated)


If you are looking for an unbeatable thickness, we have a speciality stock for you:

  • 62PT Boardstock (uncoated)

This exclusive product can only be ordered via custom request.

Layered Cards

We can produce a layered card, where two or more stocks are mounted together (2-ply, 3-Ply). For example, two 16PT sheets mounted together will create a 32PT thickness. For pricing and ordering please request a Print Quote.

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