What types of Painted Edges are available?


Foiled Edges
Metallic Silver

Painted Edges

Painted Edges

We offer 3 main types of  Painted Edges - CMYK, fluorescent and metallic. Additionally, we offer Foiled Edges for a more reflective metallic appearance. For maximum impact of the edge finish you choose, we recommend thicker stocks such as our Mega Thick 24pt or 22pt 100% Recycled Brown Kraft.

Painted Edges 

These colours include any custom mix of CMYK, and a selection of fluorescent and metallic colours. Other specialty colours man be requested via Custom Print Quote.

  1. CMYK Colours
    A CMYK breakdown will need to be provided when placing an order or we can match a CMYK colour used in your design (you will need to leave a comment for this option). Please allow for up to 10% colour shifting.
  2. Fluorescent Colours*
    • Neon Blue
    • Neon Green
    • Neon Pink
    • Neon Orange
    • Neon Yellow
  3. Metallic Colours*
    • Hot Coral
    • Bright Yellow
    • Chartreuse Yellow
    • Jade Green
    • Light Blue
    • Caribbean Blue
    • Deep Lilac
    • Mulberry Pink
    • Silver 
    • Dark Gold
    • Deep Bronze

*Additional costs apply for these colours.

For swatches of our Fluorescent and Metallic Painted Edges, see: Fluorescent & Metallic Painted Edges. 


Foiled Edges 

We offer two metallic colours for Foiled Edges: gold and silver. See: List of Stocks Compatible with Foiled Edges and What is the difference between Foiled Edges and Coloured Edges?.


3ply Layered Cards

3ply layered cards also have a colour along the edge; however, these are not classified as a painted edge colour. See: Layered Cards. 





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