What is the difference between the Pulp stocks?

Our Pulp range of stocks is unique from other types of paper in the texture - Pulp fibres are very visible and can be felt when handling the cards in person. This adds an earthy, raw and natural feel to the cards. They are also all made with 90% recycled content.

We have five different shades of Pulp available in varying thicknesses:

Cream Pulp is light and warm in appearance, and available in 13pt, 20pt, or 2-ply 27pt thicknesses.

Vanilla Pulp is slightly less bright than Cream, and has a more neutral tone. This shade is available in 13pt or 20pt thicknesses.

Beige Pulp is a darker option and has a caramel brown colour. Available in 13pt or 20pt thicknesses.

Off-White Pulp is the lightest and most versatile in terms of design. Available in 13pt or 20pt thicknesses.

Grey Pulp is a medium dark shade and will have a strong affect printed colours (we recommend black and dark ink for best results). 

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Please note that Red, Green and other shades of Pulp stock may be available to order.  Request a Print Quote for custom options.

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