What designs look best with Spot UV?

We like to encourage the most creative and exciting design work.

Many people choose to apply the Spot UV layer to simply text and logos on their business cards – however we suggest taking your design and creativity beyond this. Check out the gallery on our Spot UV page for some creative inspiration. Below are a few further tips:

  • Blind Spot UV looks great on black (or other rich solid background colour)
  • A tiled pattern, either shapes or your company logo, can create a striking texture over your card
  • For the greatest impact of Spot UV on your logo, consider different ways that the clear gloss layer can be applied
  • Spot UV highlighting parts of a raster image (such as water droplets) can create an eye catching effective if executed well (but can look unprofessional if not set up correctly)

See: Design considerations for Spot UV.

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