Design considerations for Spot UV

There are several things to consider when designing for Spot UV.

File Setup and Preparation

It is important to have your file setup. This is a complex setup, and it is best to have an experienced designer prepare these files for you. See: Setting up press-ready Spot UV file.

Fine Detail

See: Fine detail in Spot UV.

Spot UV Registration

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee exact Spot UV Gloss registration to the CMYK print. See: How accurate is the Spot UV registration?

Blind Spot UV Text

When objects are placed in the Spot UV layer, but not registered to any CMYK print design – this is Blind Spot UV.

Text-content that is applied as Blind Spot UV may not be legible (as Spot UV is a clear layer). To read the text, it will need to catch the light in the right way – it may not be readable at all angles and under certain light.

Blind Spot UV can be a very impressive effect to your card – however if there is any text we recommend very large size if this is part of your design (14pt font size or larger). We do not recommend important information and contact details (such as phone numbers and website address) to be in Blind Spot UV for this reason.

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