What is the difference between Matte, Smooth Matte Laminate and Silk Matte?

Smooth Matte Laminate and Silk Matte are both laminate coatings. Matte is a standard liquid coating (varnish). 

Matte coating is a very subtle understated finish. It does not have any glossy shine, but offers a slight sheen against light. It is smooth the touch and can be written on with a regular ball point pen; however, as it is a coated stock, we suggest to give it a little time to dry before touching the ink so it does not smudge. 

Smooth Matte Laminate and Silk Matte are premium coatings. Silk Matte has a silky suede-like feeling, and adds an extra layer of durability and strength to the card – also making it feel thicker. Smooth Matte Laminate has a smoother and less rubbery texture. 

  Print Process Stock Additional Details


Offset 16pt  

Smooth Matte Laminate

Offset 16pt Available with optional Spot UV

Silk Matte




16pt, 20pt, 24pt



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