What is the best size for a circular business card?

There is no standard size for circular business cards – it is dependant on your needs and what you want your card to say. We offer several circular shapes as Pre-made shapes (in increments of 0.5" from 1" to 4" diameter).

Our recommended size for Circular Business cards is between 2" to 3.5" in diameter – with 3" generally being the most popular and practical. 

Before ordering the size for your circular card, we recommend printing and testing the size first. You should also consider:

How will the card be used?

  • How will you carry the business card?
  • Who will receive your business card – and how will they carry/store it?
  • How will it be displayed (on your desk)
  • Does it need to fit a Business Card holder?

Certain larger sizes of circular cards may not fit into a standard wallet. A unique size and shape is a great way to make an impression and be memorable – but you also don't want a card that is impractical and ends up being discarded.

What content will be on the card?

While you want a circular card to be small enough to be practice, it also has to be large enough to fit the information that you want on the card at a legible size. It is a fine balance.

Some further considerations

  • Smaller than 2" diameter and there might not be enough room to fit contact information
  • Between 3" to 4" in diameter and your card may look like a drink coaster
  • A 2" circular card would be the same height as a standard business card – so should easily fit into most wallets and holders (although a different shape)
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