Design Considerations for Cotton

As this is an Uncoated card stock, we recommend reviewing: Design considerations for Uncoated. There are also a few additional considerations detailed below.


The Cotton stock has a slight texture – and the texture will show through your design and effect how colours appear. If you are looking for a clean and crisp smooth print, we would suggest selecting a Coated stock.

Also note, the front side of the Cotton stock is slightly more textured than the other.

Colour Output

With Digital Output printing colours do not appear solid. If you are looking for solid colours, we recommend printing with Letterpress output.

Digital Output



Fine Detail

Due to the texture on this stock – it cannot hold fine detail as well. The finest detail we recommend is 1pt line-weight.

Heavy Coverage

Heavy Coverage (lots of dark colours or excessive colour) is not suitable for this stock. If your design uses lots of colour and heavy coverage, we would suggest a coated stock for better results.

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