Design considerations for Cork

The Cork card is dark brown colour, with black flecks throughout the card. This is a unique stock, and has some specific requirements.

Not all designs are suitable for this stock. Below are some issues that you need to address when designing for the Cork stock.

Black Specs

The Cork cards are made from Cork. Have a close look at the samples shown on our website – the Cork has natural Black specks, flecks and grains throughout it. These appear in a random texture across the surface.

These black specs will interfere with your design – especially fine detail and text.

Any contact details and text should be kept to a minimum and be very large and bold to be readable and clear.

Fine Detail

While the Cork stock can hold fine details in the print at a minimum recommended line weight of 0.75pt, please keep in mind that the black specs may interfere with this fine detail making it harder to see when printed. 


The paper stock will affect the way that colours appear (in the same way as with the Brown Kraft cards). We do not print white ink. Elements in your design that are white will be blank (hence show the cork).

Minimalistic designs always look the best with this stock. We do not recommend full colour pictures or graphics.


For natural Cork, this stock is surprisingly smooth – however there is texture to it. This texture can effect how parts of fine detail appear on the stock.


We recommend a safety margin of 0.25 inches away from the trim line for this product. Due to the nature of the stock it can shift significantly during printing and trimming processes.

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