Design Considerations for Letterpress

There are a few considerations that should be taken into consideration when designing for Letterpress. Keep in mind that your design will need to be approved for Letterpress output before we can proceed.

File Setup

Setting up a press-ready file for Letterpress cards is a complex process, we recommend having an experienced designer set this up for you.
See: Setting up press-ready files for Letterpress.

Vector Format

We recommend vector format graphics only. See: What is a vector.

While raster graphics (pixel based) are possible – it is a difficult setup and not optimal for Letterpress printing. We can not assist with setup of raster graphic files.


A slight impression may show through to the reverse side of a Letterpress output. This should be taken into account when setting up your design – especially for two-sided output.

Half tones and shades

Half-tones can be used to give the appearance of gradients and shades; however your design will need to be approved for Letterpress first.

Fine Detail

The finest detail for Letterpress output is 0.5pt line-weight.

Font Size (Legibility)

In order for text to be legible, we recommend using 7pt for your font size. Although this can vary depending on the the type and line-weight of a font, it's a good benchmark for determining the font size. 

If you require further information, or are not sure if your design is suitable for Letterpress – please contact our Prepress line before placing your order.

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